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          N-Methyl-p-toluene sulfonamide (MTSA)

          CAS NO. 640-61-9
          Structural formula
          Molecular formula C8H11NO2S
          Appearance white globular crystal
          Item Index Item Index
          Assay 99% Min Chroma 30 APHA Max
          Moisture 1.0% Max  Ash 0.1% Max
          Melting point 75 - 78 ℃ Chloride 200 ppm max
          Acid value 2.0 KOH mg/g Max PH value 6.9 - 7.2

          Intermediate of organic synthesis, used in the synthesis of Diazomethane, Also used in polyamide, cellulose, hot melt adhesives and plasticizing of inks.

          Packing 25kg woven bag


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